High quality powdered green tea

came to Japan as a medicine. It is used extensively in the tea ceremony. Even outside of the tea ceremony it is for special occasions.

Matcha: traditional powdered tea | Matcha for Cool Drinks | Matcha for fine cusine | Special Matcha | Matcha SEASONAL (Matcha Shincha) |

Matcha: traditional powdered tea Matcha: traditional powdered tea
Powdered tea of high quality

Powdered tea has been imported from China to Japan in the time around 1200. First it has been used because of the health but later it has been used in traditional teaceremony.

Matcha is the only tea used in teaceremony until today but it also is perfect just for drinking everyday.
Matcha for Cool Drinks Matcha for Cool Drinks
Matcha especially for hot or cold drinks

This Matcha is mixes with Shugar to make perfect cool or hot drinks.
Use it in summer together with cold Soda and add some crashed ice for perfect refreshment! Also perfect to mix with Prosecco.
For "beginners of Matcha drinking" also a very tasty hot drink. Also good to drink with hot or cold milk.
Matcha for fine cusine Matcha for fine cusine
Matcha for cooking, sweets ond icecreame

Special mix for cooking. The taste must be a little bit stronger for cooking. Fits well in cakes ore sweets but also for Tempura e.g.
Put some of this Matcha before serving on top of ready prepared meal. A very special taste!
Special Matcha Special Matcha
Special Matcha

High-content γ-amino butyric acid Matcha (Gabaron Matcha)

The method to produce this tea was developed by the National Institute of Vegetable and Tea Science. The tea leaves are given special conditions that increase the amount of γ-amino butyric acid naturally.Koyamaen applied the Gabaron tea (Sencha) method to our way of making Matcha.
γ-amino butyric acid acts as a blood pressure control.The effect of this tea is more than 10 times stronger than that of usual Matcha
This Matcha is efficiently absorbed by the body, so we recommend persons of middle to advanced age to drink it every day (if they have a blood pressure problem)
Matcha SEASONAL (Matcha Shincha) Matcha SEASONAL (Matcha Shincha)

Koyamaen bietet verschiedene Tees an, die nur zu bestimmten Zeiten des Jahres und nur in begrenzeten Mengen erhältlich sind:
Shincha, Tee aus der neuen Ernte im Mai / Juni - Tee speziell für kalte Getränke im Sommer
- den "ersten Tee" nach der Öffnung der Teekisten im Oktober und den Fukucha, den Glückstee zum Jahreswechsel.

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