Kaishi – Paper serviette for sweets  

In the tea ceremony one uses small piles of carefully folded paper, as a kind of serviette, on which small sweets are served or to catch crumbs. They get their name (Kaishi) from the small paper packets (shi), which the Japanese used to carry in their Kimonos (Kai), so that by special meetings (kai) they could spontaneously write down poems, or stories. Those who could do this often and quickly were called “Sukisha” and were generally well educated with good taste. Even today some tea masters carry on this tradition.
  KAISHI (for woman)
KAISHI (Papierservietten) für die Frau ; direkt aus Japan
3,50 EUR
1 x 'KAISHI (for woman)' order
  KAISHI (for men)
KAISHI (Papierservietten) für den Mann ; direkt aus Japan
4,50 EUR
1 x 'KAISHI (for men)' order

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