Natsume – lacquered Tea caddy  

In the tea ceremony the powder tea “Macha” will be taken out of a small painted box with a Bamboo teaspoon. The small boxes are often very valuable, due to the amount of time and energy spent in making them. An ordinary black box can sometimes cost more than an artistically painted box.
The paint on some of these boxes are up to 30 layers deep each layer being sanded and polished to give the finished box a beautiful depth in colour and you will see the smallest flaw in the paint. The simple black Natsume of good quality has a strong impression of the Zen-spirit.
 NATSUME - SCHWARZ (Kunststoff) NATSUME - SCHWARZ (Kunststoff)
NATSUME aus Kunststoff, schwarz ; direkt aus Japan
15,90 EUR
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