Furuikan – Tea sieve  

Because of the fine powdered Matcha, the tea tends to build lumps when mixed with water. The Japanese use the tea brush to help get rid of this problem, but still there are small lumps, which would hinder the taste. So before drinking, it will be poured through the sieve. You only pour as much tea as you can drink, if you pour it to often through the sieve, it loses flavour. Too much air the makes the tea lose its flavour very quickly. Our tea sieves are delivered in the same airtight containers as our tea, so tea can be kept in the sieve for several days.
 FURUIKAN (Teesieb) FURUIKAN (Teesieb)
FURUIKAN (Teesieb) mit Dose ; direkt aus Japan (KOYAMAEN)
9,95 EUR
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