Japanese Green Tea

Our green tea comes from Uji, the most oldest reagion of tea agriculture in Japan. Uji is famos for the high quality Gyokuro, which was developed here und the Matcha, the powdered green tea with the highest quality in Japan.
Koyamaen owns the certification of the Japanese Agricultural Standard for Processed Food from Organic Agricultural Products and several Patents for their own production techniques, for example, for Matcha paste.
Koyamaen is selling Matcha since many generations for teaschools and temples in Japan.

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Genmaicha Genmaicha
Genmaicha ; Green tea with roasted whole-meal rice

Our Genmaicha tea mixed with roasted perfumed rice is not the usual Sencha. Mostly Genmaicha is made from Bancha, the cheapest and a very bitter kind of tea. In Japan it is used in everyday situations, especially at meal times. This tea is always within reach in a Japanese household. It is also a healthy variation to coffee. The richness of this tea allows more than one brew from the same leaves.

Gyokuro Gyokuro
Gyokuro - literally “Jewels dew”

Gyokuro tea is rare as it is grown only in shadow and therefore more expensive.
It has a sweet taste, which fills the mouth like a sweet pearl. It is a tea used for hours of reflection. This tea wants to be celebrated.
Hojicha Hojicha
Hojicha – roasted tea

Hojicha is a specially roasted green tea with a very interesting aroma that sometimes reminds you of coffee. Often only the plant and leave stems will be roasted. For our Hojicha tea we only use the most valuable leaves, carefully roasted. The best Hojicha comes from the Koyamaen plantation, which is one of the Japanese finest. Hojicha is a nice change for coffee lovers, due to the coffee aroma. It can also be drunk of an evening.
Jinko (Mecha) Jinko (Mecha)

Kabusecha Kabusecha
Kabusecha – “tea mixture”

Kabusecha is basically a Sencha tea but manufactured in the Gyokuro art. It tastes like the expensive Gyokuro tea with the light sweet taste of Sencha. An inexpensive alternative to the Gyokuro tea. (A green tea for beginners).
Kawayanagi Kawayanagi

Kawayanagi is made from the big thick young leaves, which are sorted out during the process of
producing Kabusecha and Sencha. Even though this tea has a rough character it is not so strong tasting.
Koikuchi Koikuchi
Strong flavoured Sencha

Konacha fine cut tea Konacha fine cut tea
fine cut tea

Matcha Matcha
High quality powdered green tea

came to Japan as a medicine. It is used extensively in the tea ceremony. Even outside of the tea ceremony it is for special occasions.
Sencha Sencha
Sencha ; brewed tea

Sencha is the standard green tea drank in Japan today. It has a harsh dry acidy taste, used in daily Japanese life.

Shincha (Sencha) Shincha (Sencha)

Usuha (Tencha) Usuha (Tencha)


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